Identity theft is an attack on you

Our connected lifestyle puts us all at risk. Thieves will use your social security number, email and social media accounts to impersonate you for their financial gain.

Your Identity can
be stolen without
you knowing.

Data Breaches

Your data can be stolen if companies are victims of data breaches


Your information can be stolen via malware on your computer

ATM Overlays

Your credit card can be stolen when withdrawing cash at the ATM

Mail Theft

Your mail and identity can be stolen from an unlocked mailbox

There have been  new victims of identity theft
while you have been on this website. 1

Your information can be used without you knowing.
Social Security

Thieves can use your social security number and use it to impersonate you.

Tax Returns

Using your birthday and social security, thieves can file false tax returns.


Your name and insurance information can be used to receive medical care.


Using your information, thieves can open new credit cards


Thieves can impersonate you and commit a crime in your name


Using your business details, thieves can bill for services

Names, Emails and SSN data were among the most breached data types in 2020.3

Your Information
is everywhere

Identity theft affects you and everyone around you, both financially and emotionally. It can destroy your credit score, affect your medical record, wipe out college funds and ruin your retirement.

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