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If you received a Home Title Monitoring alert, we recommend checking with your county assessor to ensure your home title is recorded correctly.

Some customers have reported receiving Home Title Monitoring alerts in error. This sometimes results from an attempt to update your home title records on file. If you receive two Home Title Monitoring alerts, one alert for a title removal and a second alert for the same title added, you do not need to be alarmed.

However, if you receive a Home Title Monitoring alert regarding a property where you've never resided, or if you receive a Home Title Monitoring alert notifying you of a removal from a current property, but did not receive a second alert that the title has been added, you should contact your county assessor.

Credit monitoring is a service that alerts you whenever a change is made to one of your credit reports. This gives you the chance to quickly confirm the accuracy of the change and, if necessary, start sorting out any problems. Any suspicious credit-report change can be a sign of identity theft or be errors that might cause rejection by lenders.

Applying for credit, services, or refinancing with the company or bank listed in your alert.

Making changes to an existing account, or being added as an authorized user on any account with the company or bank listed in your alert.

Applying for or inquiring about new services, store rewards cards, airline rewards programs or sweepstakes/drawings with the company or bank listed in your alert.

Bank accounts, like checking and savings accounts, are not reported to the credit bureaus and are not found on credit reports. However, we offer a Financial Transaction Monitoring feature in certain plans. This feature allows Identity Defense to monitor banking transactions on your behalf.

The Dark Web is the hidden part of the internet where cybercriminals lurk and where many illicit activities are conducted online, such as the sale of stolen identities or breached account logins and passwords.

To keep your personal and financial information safe, we recommend adding information to your Watchlist. Identity Defense uses your Watchlist to monitor your information. We send you alerts if your information is found on Dark Web sites.

On your Watchlist, you can add up to:

  • 40 Credit and Debit Cards

  • 1 Birth Date

  • 1 Driver's License Number

  • 10 Email Addresses

  • 5 Financial Account Numbers

  • 3 Health Insurance IDs

  • 1 Address

  • 2 Passport Numbers

  • 5 Phone Numbers

  • 1 SSN or SIN

  • 10 Loyalty Cards

  • 1 National Provider ID

At Identity Defense, our mission is to keep your personal information safe and secure. Your information is collected and shared in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

No, because lenders send information to some and not others, or might have different times of reporting which would offset information. Credit reporting bureaus receive more than two billion pieces of data each month, so it's a given that mistakes are going to happen. Credit reports are available from all three credit reporting agencies: Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion®, and they do not share information with each other. Therefore each of the three credit reporting agencies may have different information on file for you.


Our official refund policy is located here.

You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Visit our Contact Us page for information on how to reach our customer service team. 

Over 21 years ago, we helped create this industry – bringing together three bureau credit monitoring, identity theft victim services, and an unparalleled security focus. Since then, we’ve helped protect over 47 million consumers and have partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial industry.

In our pursuit to better protect our customers and clients, we’ve continued to advance our products and address the challenges of the modern world. We recognized the need for a service that focuses on traditional credit monitoring as well as in-depth privacy protection. Consumers need a partner in safeguarding data and detecting threats and we are ready to fill that need based on our expertise and experience, unmatched in our industry.


We’re happy to help you enroll, contact us here.

Yes, you are able to enroll in Identity Defense with a security freeze on your credit file at one or more of the credit bureaus.

To invite an adult family member to your Identity Defense family plan, you will need their name and email address. Identity Defense will send them an email invitation to enroll in their own plan as part of your membership.

If you’ve selected a family plan, you can invite other adults to enroll through an email. The added member is not charged for the membership because it is included in the cost of the primary member’s plan. To ensure the privacy of all accounts, you will not be able to see the personal information or access the account for other adult members enrolled as part of your plan.

As a parent or guardian, the primary member can also add children (under the age of 18) to a family plan.

Your Identity Defense membership begins after you complete your enrollment. Note that credit monitoring may take up to several days to begin after your successful plan enrollment.

Yes, at Identity Defense security is our highest priority. We use various levels of encryption and access controls to help ensure the safety and security of your data.

The enrollment process typically takes 5 minutes or less.

Yes, your Social Security Number is required to verify your identity. As part of your membership, we use your SSN to monitor for certain signs that may indicate identity theft.

To enroll, you will need to provide you name, address, phone number, date of birth, email, and Social Security Number to set up your account and additional monitoring services. You may be asked to provide credit card information for billing purposes.


Placing a security freeze on your credit reports will not impact your Identity Defense membership.

Go to the member login page and follow the instructions.

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in to your Identity Defense account or by contacting us.

If you need to update any billing or account information, login to your account.