An American has their identity
stolen every 10 seconds

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family with identity Defense

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There have been  new victims of identity theft
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Shield your identity with Identity Defense

24/7 Monitoring

of your personal accounts,
credit and personal details

Using advanced AI to monitor
billions of pieces of data.

Detect & Alert

you of attempts to use
your identity

If your information is used
somewhere, your bank details are
changed or a credit check is run we
let you know by SMS and email.

Lost Fund Reimbursement

get back up to $1,000,000
of stolen assets

We cover any losses and costs to
resolve theft attempts with $1 million
identity theft insurance for eligible

Identity thieves could strike at any time

Your personal data is everywhere and could be taken at any time:
Data Breaches

Customer data is stolen every day, including from companies like Microsoft#, Marriott and LinkedIn.


Websites and emails can install invisible apps which steal your info and passwords.

ATM Overlays

Your card details can be stolen while using an ATM and used or sold online.

Mail Theft

Your mail and identity could be stolen from a mailbox or your trash.

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What is identity theft?

If criminals can find your personal information they can use it to commit fraud including:

Use your credit and debit cards

Get a loan in your name

Impersonating you when committing crime

Access your email, bank or other sites

Claim and steal your tax refund

Transfer your home title to themselves