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Identity theft happens every 6 seconds – impacting your finances, home title and more. Get protected before it’s too late..

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How identity theft can impact you

Criminals can find your information on the dark web and use it to harm you.
Use your credit and debit cards
Get a loan in your name
Impersonating you when committing crime
Access your email, bank or other sites
Claim and steal your tax refund
Transfer your home title to themselves

How hackers can access your information

Your personal data is everywhere and could be taken at any time:
Data Breaches

Customer data is stolen every day, including from companies like Microsoft#, Marriott and LinkedIn.


Websites and emails can install invisible apps which steal your info and passwords.

ATM Overlays

Your card details can be stolen while using an ATM and used or sold online.

Mail Theft

Your mail and identity could be stolen from a mailbox or your trash.

How does Identity Defense protect me?

We monitor your information using powerful Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered platform monitors billions of pieces of information to alert you to threats.

We alert you of attempted use of your Identity

When your information is used, your bank information changed or a credit check is run in your name, we let you know.

We recover any stolen funds you may incur due to Identity theft

When your information is used, your bank information changed or a credit check is run in your name, we let you know.

Included in Identity Defense Complete:

1-Bureau Credit Monitoring
Monthly Credit Score
Score Tracker
Change of Address Monitoring
Real-Time Inquiry Alerts
Real-Time Authentication Alerts
Dark Web Monitoring
High-Risk Transaction Monitoring
Wallet Protection
$1 Million ID Theft Insurance**
Security Freeze Assist
Victim Assistance
Insight & Tips
Customer Support
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